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Experience the convenience of a complete solution to fulfill your objectives rather than features and functions.
The Value
IaaS PaaS SaaS SolaaS Infrastructure as a Service At the foundation of our process where all technical and none-technical infrastructure takes place. Platform as a Service Provides your solution with all the necessary Platforms to run seamlessly. Software as a Service Where all the technology interfaces and user functions put in place. Solution as a Service A whole solution of which your goals gets accomplished.
One optimum
experience at a time
Integrating technologies of various industries, to create a solution that provides you with the optimum experience. The symbiosis between experience and technology enables us to transform knowledge and science into real life digital solutions.
Cloud Computing
Immersive Media
VR, AR, MR & 360 Videos. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS & MESH Apps. Gesture Recognition, Biometrics & Gaze Tracking. Touch Screens, Haptics &
3D touch.
Apps, Feedback Systems, Predictive Analysis & Behavior-Driven Change. Search, Social, Live Stream & Messaging. Remediation, Threat Detection, Web Security & Adaption. Beacons, RFID, WiFi, Near-Field, communication & GEO-Fencing. IOT, IIOT, Sensor & Wearables. AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
Human-Computer Interactions
Touch Technologies
Big Data & Analysis
Social & Mobile
Proximity Tech
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence
Our Skills & Expertise We understand the unique factor of every project, of which we have designed our work process using a wide range of our people’s skills and expertise. Our process does not only fulfill your requirements but adapts to your objectives and becomes centered on your goals.
For every Best,
there comes a Better.
Our Culture Wabi-sabi (侘寂) is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. A Symbol of embracing the perfectly imperfect in life. Our believe in a better solution keeps us moving forward whichever the achievement. Futuristic We move forward, from one point to another focusing on learning and progress, that opens new doors. We’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Trusting the process and the curves of our path will lead us to a better solution. Now Future
Believers We believe in challenging ourselves and the possibilities. Driven by passion and focusing on the finest details to bring up a vision, an idea or even a dream to reality. Vision Reality
Oriented Tackling one challenge at a time while aligned with the objectives, through consistent research and the right people, experiencing with various technologies and keeping our compass focused on the goal. Objectives Goals
Success Stories
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One purpose, many faces. SolaaS is taking different shapes to fulfill your requirements with optimum experience. WEB·N·TECH powers SolaaS brands and adapts it to your objectives.
Partnerships The success of our Solutions as a Service relies on its components. WEB·N·TECH builds trust throughout the industry by establishing partnerships that emphasize good practice and reliability.
Contact Us +971 4 425 3544
1008, Iris Bay Tower, Business Bay
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
P.O.Box 41018
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“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it.”

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Real-Time Occupancy Solution.

Designed in alignment with the latest government regulations for social distancing, Safe Pace ensures the safety of your shop or store by monitoring and controlling the occupancy levels with smart, plug and play solution that requires zero infrastructure or advance investment.

Virtual Event Video Conferencing System.

Highly customised video conferencing system for your individual event.

Website is coming soon, please contact us for more information.


Virtual Event Assistant.

Virtual assistance application for events or conferences, designed to provide your guests with the optimum experience by rich variety of functions of live streaming, voting, chat and more.

Website is coming soon, please contact us for more information.


Advocate Management System.

UAE’s first fully automated solution for law firms’ operations, designed to manage cases, sessions, reminders, accounting and more, in a secured web based environment.

Website is coming soon, please contact us for more information.


Event Management System

Fully integrated and automated event management solution, equipped with all the functions needed for your event, offering registration, event activities, badges printing, access control, guest statistics and attendees analytics.

Website is coming soon, please contact us for more information.


Official Corresponding System.

Fully automated correspondence system designed with government standards, offers a secured environment to create, process, sign and distribute official documents, letters and invitations with a customizable work flow, documents versioning and reporting.

Website is coming soon, please contact us for more information.

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